Barry Kaufman


"It was a chance meeting I had with Scott in New York, that upended my life. The life that unfolded for me there would not have been but for this haphazard encounter. Strangely, I'd been there already for a year and a half, having come from Arizona for a modeling convention held at the Waldorf-Astoria. I did not win, but I opted to stay in NY even though at conventions end I had just $60 left in my pocket. I remember seeing a girl on the street, carrying a porfolio and somehow I learned she was on her way to a photographer's studio, and she invited me to come along. At the studio, I happened to meet Scott Copeland in the doorway. He must have seen something in me that the photographer didn't. But Scott was still in the early days of his management career, having already had his first major success not so many months prior, with another male model. Scott patiently worked with me, talking to me about the business and instructing me on how to walk into a meeting; what to wear, what to say, and how to carry myself. He really seemed to care about helping me to make a successful transition and had real confidence in my potential.I was working a menial job when one day I called Scott and he told me I'd gotten a job for GQ with a major photographer. I went from the magazine shoot in California to Mexico City to work for Calvin Klein, and soon, with a GQ cover, a worldwide campaign and a billboard in Times Square had quite accidentally become a top model.Anyway, I just wanted to share that story. Speaking with him now and again, and seeing him not so long ago, it is apparent to me that he still has an uncanny ability to spot talent. If anything, he's probably better just for his years on the planet! And wiser still, for all his experience."