"Scott copeland international has been nothing but professional and straight forward with me . In his ads he states conservative and that is exactly what he has delivered a conservative approach. Never false promises and no false hopes of any work or large amounts of money. He trains his clients for potential modeling jobs and teaches professionalism and grace and very high standards are expected if work comes their way. Scott also expects those high standards from anyone in the business he might send his clients too for photographs or jobs. When first meeting Scott he emphasized that school and grades comes first . That to me is very important my daughter is a 4.0 student with president honors . That impressed me about Scott's company. I would highly recommend Scott Copeland international to anyone in fact I have and will continue to do so. Scott Copeland international is a conservative, professional company that I see working with for a long time to come. Being a former model myself I wish I would have had scott as my agent and company. I have nothing but praise for Scott, his employees, and his company."