"We have been working with Scott for 3 months now and are so happy with his expertise and knowledge of the industry.  My son is currently in training and just got his photos for his portfolio done with Dominic, a photographer recommended by Scott.  Dominic was incredible to work with!    We have amazing photos of my son which we are excited to put in his portfolio.   We are not even done with the training and already a national grocer was interested in my son to come for a casting for a commercial.  The commercial was to be shot during school which I was hesitant about.  What I mostly appreciate about Scott is his priority to make sure the kids education comes first. We respectfully declined since it was during school but know we will get many offers and calls in the future. Scott takes care of his models and makes sure they get the best care from all their prospective employers. My daughter is in the mist of her training and she is already becoming more confident which is showing in all her photos.  I am happy and sure to recommend SCI to anyone who is interested in modeling or acting.  You will be in the best hands!" - Jen C., Garrett's mother

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