"Scott Copeland International has represented my son for almost a year.  After submitting pictures of my son and receiving call backs from various San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles agencies, we decided, after much consideration, to sign with Scott as his manager.  Being new to the industry, working a full time job, and my son being a full time high school student, we felt it necessary to have Scott's reputation as a conservative agent and his expertise to help my son in his modeling career.  He has since signed with a top modeling agency in LA and NY as well as local agencies in San Diego and Orange County, thanks to Scott Copeland.   We have paid for photos from reputable photographers, which is necessary to build a portfolio, but we have also shot with other well-known photographers to add to his portfolio at no charge.  My son has been called on several casting calls, some of which we must turn down due to his school schedule, and he continues to get well-paying jobs.  Thanks to Scott's hard work, dedication, and conservative approach, my son has received several job opportunities and a great start to his future in modeling." - Betty, Griffin's mother