"I have two daughters signed on with Scott and I can't say enough about how wonderful our experience has been working with him and his staff. This is not an easy industry to work in and I can't imagine going it alone. Scott guided my oldest daughter through putting together a great portfolio and she immediately got picked up by the best agency in San Diego. I do not feel the doors would have opened so fast if we had done it on our own. He continues to shoot my daughter for additional photos to build her portfolio. My youngest has just finished her portfolio and we are getting her ready to be introduced to the agents. Scott and his staff have walked us through...step by step. The pictures I would like or choose of my children are not exactly what is wanted. Scott looks at how the model is selling the clothes, what is current in the magazines, and what the agencies are going to want. His perspective is from what look is being booked currently. Experience and success in the industry is what SCI offers.." - Kim, Rachel's mother

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