“I was scouted by a nice lady at the Del Mar fair. I then went about my usual skeptic ways and did some research on the company. After reading mostly good things online and hearing from friends, I decided to go in for an interview. I had thought about modeling before and had some previous knowledge of what it might take. I was very impressed with Scott's knowledge and straight forwardness on where I needed to be in order to start getting work, and the healthy practices of diet and exercise needed to get there. Scott helped me become more health conscious and because of that I find myself in the best shape and most athletic I have been in my entire life (I was a high school and college athlete). 
He is very careful to never let modeling get in the way of me being a full time college student. He stresses the importance of my education and doesn't make modeling a top priority even if that would benefit him the most. He also promotes the safest way of becoming a model and advised no shortcuts (which can be dangerous). In an industry fueled by good looks there are many predators. Often photographers will offer free pictures but Scott explained that nothing is really free and these can lead to dangerous or manipulative situations. After getting in shape and training he set me up with very reputable and trusted photographers in LA,  and also did several photo shoots himself. He then created an awesome portfolio for me. Those photographs launched me into getting paid $500 an hour and eventually getting signed to a nice agency. Scott followed through on every promise made, has been very professional, and a pleasure to work with throughout this experience. Not only do I have an amazing manager, but I've gained an awesome friend as well.”